Marine Crane Parts

HAOYO Marine Crane Accessories  are chosen  the national famous Brand to insure the high quality and easy maintenance in future, such as

  • Motor -----ABB or SIEMENS
  • Electric Control ----German Muller / French  Schneider
  • Hydraulic Control Valve-----Danfoss Or HC
  • Seals-----US Parker
  • Pump-----Rexroth
  • ...
Marine Crane Parts

Rotatory Motor


offer capacities of high pressure and high torque in the wide of applications.

Advanced design in disc distribution flow, which can automatically compensate in operating with high volume efficiency and long life, provide smooth and reliable operation.

Control Valve


Our marine crane use hydraulic control valve ,DANFOSS,HC or LEDUC.

Can provide Continuously variable speed operation
Achieve precise control of the crane
Suitable for long-term use at sea
After-sales guarantee

Hydraulic Pack


SIEMENS or ABB motor are chosen with IP5 level of protection. It can bear water from any direct and has a stable power output it  more reliable and safe than others and can work in high temperature and low temperature environment.

Slewing Bearing


Slewing bearing is equipped with a leak tight seal between the rotary rings, to prevent water and dust entering the tracks. All our rotation bearings screws tightened by highest standard dynamo metric bolt so it's very safe.

Electric Control Case


We use French Schneider it can bear a long working time and high or low temperature so it’s have a long service life and safe on the sea.

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